At Alhazai, we offer different type of services for individual clients and corporate organisations. Below are some of our listed services:


Our pioneering and veteran software engineers and web design team illustrates leading 12 years of collective experience in developing system management and simple design web pages that displays contents of colourful, dynamic and active cultural prospect. Our web pages are designed to meet and or exceed the expectations of our clients as well as internet visitors and to comply with net standard.

Communication is what we give priority in our company, we can generate a focal content for everyone on the net, reliable updates with little maintenance and free access. At Alhazai, we work actively with other media outputs to develop environmentally conscious access for everyone in order to contribute to the realisation of sustainable internet accessibility. It is presently known that more than 2.8 billion individuals and organizations around the world use internet for personal and business purpose. Using an internet connectivity to cover some of their personal and business cost can indirectly reduce the amount of money used by tourists. This can therefore be anticipated that the populace of internet and existence of Alhazai will help to preserve existing cost of tourisms.


Bulk Messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. It is used by organisations, media companies, enterprises, banks (for marketing and fraud control) and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including awareness, enterprise and mobile marketing as well as individuals for campaigns and well wishes to supporters.

Bulk Messaging is being used for political campaigns by politicians to campaign for election and even re-election purposes. Bulk Messaging is managed using bulk SMS software or bulk messaging and aggregation services such as Internet Payment Exchange (IPX) from Swedish company Ericsson.

Alhazai is a comprehensive mobile SMS marketing company for individuals, professionals and corporate bodies and organisations. Our system leverages Text Message Technology (TMT) to deliver relevant awareness, campaigns and well wishes information / messages to targeted audience at the point-of-interest, and at the same time provides a high-quality and efficient service delivery.

Our SMS platform is cost effective, measurable, and proven to increase demands in this sector of SMS business in order to reduce the cost effectiveness of electronic advertising. Our solution offers the optimal user experience for political awareness resulting in repeat use and long-term value to politicians.

The core benefits of our business revolve around efficiency and outreach capabilities. With customized solutions and systems, our strategy is based on working with organisations and individuals under engagement frameworks that deliver the utmost satisfaction.

Our platform delivers personalised SMS to all GSM networks in Nigeria and to more than 650 networks in over 210 countries at the fastest delivery speed ever with instant delivery report.

Nigeria has a total of about 174 million connected mobile lines while 130 million remains active ones in June 2014 as revealed by the Nigerian Communication Commission. In June 2013 it was reported that the total connected mobile lines in Nigeria mobile market was 164 million with 118 active, addition of 10 million only in one year, this represent a 56 percent annual growth rate compared to 2007 figure.

Our company has a robust access to this mobile subscriber record in respective of locations or network operators.

In 2010, 6 trillion SMS text messages were sent. SMS has become a massive commercial industry, worth over 81 billion dollars globally as of 2006. The global average price for an SMS message is 0.11 USD, while mobile networks charge each other interconnect fees of at least $0.04US (£0.03) when connecting between different phone networks.


Tramigo Authorized Distributor CertificateAlhazai Global Services Limited is an Authorized Distributor of Tramigo products in Nigeria. We have set to become one of the pioneer companies in providing Nigeria with tracking equipment tailored the need of everyday Nigeria.

Tramigo T23 Car Tracking Device is the best selling GPS vehicle security and fleet management product now around the World. T23 Car Tracking Device enables you to always know where your vehicle is and is easy to install on any car, truck or heavy vehicle. It can be installed fully hidden and powered from vehicle’s battery.

T23 Car Tracking Device has special version for each country using local language and local TLD landmarks. There are no monthly or annual fees; the user only pays the normal price of the SMS sent.

Tramigo’s patented TLD Landmarks mapping is customized for Nigeria with detailed location information covering nationwide Nigeria from Kano to Lagos or from Sokoto to Akwa-Ibom. Extreme User-friendliness for Extreme Situations! Or in case your vehicle is taken cross-border Nigeria TLD Landmarks Version covers all relevant cross-border information.

All this with any GSM phone or using Tramigo’s free fleet management software for PC and Smart Phones and with No License or Service Fees! The users pay the text messages use from any Nigerian GSM Operator’s SIM Card, pre or post-paid. Tramigo’s M1 Move software is now also available for Android and iPad; you can use tablet computer like Samsung Galaxy Tab or Apple to control your fleet – the best solution for any SME Fleet owner/manager!

We can guarantee that you will be very happy with Tramigo T23 and if you have previous bad experience e.g. with Chinese Car Trackers; we can guarantee that it is worthwhile to buy Tramigo. The daily Tracking, Monitoring and Vehicle Recovery is first time very easy and can be done with simple, English commands from your mobile phone.

Tramigo T23 can also be used as portable to track and monitor people, motorcycles, boats, heavy machinery and other moveable assets. With Tramigo T23 you will always know where your loved ones and valued assets are. Ask for our T23 Fleet Security version which comes with powerful Remote Immobilizer allowing you to shut down the engine with one SMS!

With Tramigo T22 locating and tracking is simple, private and economical!

Tramigo Certificate of AuthorizationTramigo Landmark Data (TLD) allows easy localization without internet or map applications and the T23 owner can locate his assets with just a cost of a simple text message (SMS). With free of charge software M1 Fleet and M1 Move, the user can visualize the location of his T23 devices on a map. T23 can be used with any mobile phone and most of the private car owners just prefer using their mobile phone.

T23 reports the location with distance and direction to the nearest locally well-known landmark and additionally with or without GPS coordinates. Tramigo T23 has over 10,000 preloaded nationwide TLD Landmark points with critical cross-border information included. Location reports are thus very easy and quick to understand by any user just by reading the SMS T23 sends.